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Filip Piccolruaz

The artist from Val Gardena has been working as a sculptor for 25 years now, he is experimenting with numerous styles and materials.

Customized modern sculptures by Filip Piccolruaz

100% handmade sculptures and unique designer furniture made of wood, stone or metal.

Born into a family which has produced numerous wood carvers, Filip is now forging his own new path. This gives his creativity free rein (working with wood, stone or metal), channelling his creative powers and moulding them to create something completely new.
The essential foundation for this new playful approach is his skilled craftsmanship and in-depth artistic studies. These form the fertile ground from which new ideas and shapes can sprout.

When art and application meet

As well as creating sacred and secular sculptures, the sculptor Filip Piccolruaz from Val Gardena has also devoted time to producing utilitarian objects such as chairs.
The wooden chairs, human forms with naturalistic designs, constitute an allegorical embodiment of fundamental human emotions (love, security, tranquillity, strength) and invite you to relax. Each of his pieces is handcrafted from the design to the finished artwork, and each is a unique creation.


    Born in a family of wood sculptors, Filip is now taking new paths. This allows him to give free rein to his creativity…


    Filip is particularly dedicated to design of portraits (children, personalities), animals, reliefs and the representation of nudes.
    Through such works of art…


    The unique scent of fresh stone pine accompanies Filip since his childhood. In the father's workshop, this bright room with the large windows, he made his first attempts…

    Made with own hand. With expert knowledge created.

    From sketch to
    finished sculpture.