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Filip Piccolruaz

The artist from Val Gardena has been working as a sculptor for 25 years now, he is experimenting with numerous styles and materials.

Filip Piccolruaz - outstanding pieces of art from the Dolomites

Custom work for privates and public institutions. Professional advice on church interior and embellishment of public spaces.

References Sacred Art
Place Description Size Material
Padova, Bruseganal St Sebastian 110cm Swiss pine glazed
Munich, Private chapel cardinal Friedrich Wetter St Friedrich 110cm Chestnut antique
Germesheim, Germany, St. James Church St. James Gothic 200cm Swiss pine antique
Hadamar near Limburg (Germany) Christmas Crib 500cm x 300ccm x 300cm Swiss pine varnished
Landau Pfalz, – Hospital Chapel Madonna with child 175cm Sweet chestnut
Landau Pfalz, – St Vincent's Hospital Christ 170cm Sweet chestnut
Landau Pfalz, - Hospital Via Crucis 60x 50cm Sweet chestnut
Landstuhl, St Mark's Church Crucifixion 300cm Swiss pine
Munich, House Chapel Bishop Church seats, Ambo + Christ Sweet chestnut
Zweibrücken, Hospital Chapel St Elisabeth St Francis Relief 220cmm Sweet chestnut
Pirmassens Germany St Pirmin 160cm Sweet chestnut
Hauenstein, Monastery Karmelittiner St Joseph Christ Romanesque Byzantine 300 Swiss pine
Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Monastery Herzjesu Jesus in winepress 150cm Sweet chestnut
Dome of Speyer „World Cultural Heritage" Cross Romanesque 70cm Swiss pine antique
Dome of Speyer „World Cultural Heritage" Crucifixion in crypta 110cm Sweet chestnut natural
Rome, St Girolamo, Pontifical Institute for Church Music (Sacred Music) on Klais organ St Maria
St Gregory
St Cecilia 
180cm Sweet chestnut tinted
Mallersdorf, Monastery Mallersdorf,  Franziskanerinnen St Francis Relief 140cm Sweet chestnut tinted
Bobenheim Roxheim, St Magdalena Church St Sebastian
St Maria with child
180cm Swiss pine antique
Munich Bishop's crook, Cardinal Friedrich Wetter 175cm Cherry natural
Ortisei, Private Winged altarpiece 140cm nut wood
Geigant near Cham, (Regensburg) Christmas Crib 180cm Sweet chestnut
Otterberg, Monastery Church Mother of God with child 200cm Sweet chestnut
Speyer, Monastery Karmelittiner St Joseph
St Maria with child
Swiss pine tinted
Niederwürzbach-Bliskasstel St Cecilia 130cm Sweet chestnut
Corces South Tyrol Crucifixion 200cm Swiss pine varnished
Kiefersfelden, Caritas ols people's home Madonna with child 100cm Sweet chestnut
Cremona, St Rita Church St Margherita 140cm Swiss pine varnished
Munich Tabernacle Cross 70cm Swiss pine varnished
Ludwigshafen, St. Ludwig Church Via Crucis Relief 250 x 250cm Sweet chestnut natural
Ludwigshafen, St. Ludwigskirche Joseph with apprentice 190cm Sweet chestnut natural
St. Ingbert,  Michael Church Christ
St Michael
Sweet chestnut tinted
Lenting near Ingolstadt Nicholas Church St Nicholas 140cm Swiss pine varnished
Wachenheim Edith Stein Church St George 160cm Sweet chestnut
Geigand near Cham (Regensburg) St Bartholomew Relief 250x170cm Bronze
Mainz Monastery of Klarissinen- Kapuzinerinnen der ewigen Anbetung Choir (ambo candle holder) Sweet chestnut tinted
Frankavilla Fontana Apulia Padre Pio 180cm Swiss pine varnished
Ludstadt St Antonius 80cm Swiss pine tinted
Cremona,  St Rita Church Christ 65cm Swiss pine varnished
Volano (Rovereto) Angel Gabriel
St Maria
Angel Michael
Angel Raphael
160cm Swiss pine varnished
Orta San Giuglio Padre Pio 120cm Swiss pine tinted
Hadamar St Joseph 110cm Bronze
Cremona, St Francis Church St Francis 140cm Sweet chestnut tinted
Cremona, St Rita Church Tabernacle with Angel Baroque 80cm Swiss pine varnished and gold-plated
Cremona, private Putti Baroque, Angel 60 cm Swiss pine
Cremona, Church Santa Rita St Peter and Paul 75cm Swiss pine gold-plated and silver-plated
Borgomanero, Monastery  Rosminianische Schwestern St Rosmino 180cm Swiss pine varnished

Baumgärtle Missionaries of the Precious Blood

High relief: Annunciation, Three Kings, Pentecost, Birth of Christ. 165x140cm Sweet chestnut varnished
Rovereto Church Santa Maria assunta St Elia 215cm Pietra di Vicenza
Oberursel, near Frankfurt Crib 100cm/Figure Swiss pine tinted
Hadamar near Limburg Pietà 65cm Swiss pine varnished
Cremona, St Rita Church Jesus in the Crib life-size Swiss pine varnished and gold-plated
Romeno, Church St Peter and Paul 190cm Alcantara stone
Pozzuoli San Gennaro-Naples Padre Pio 140cm Swiss pine varnished
Cremona St Francis Church Christ 220cm Sweet chestnut varnished
References Secular Art
Place Descripion Size Material
  Portraits of children up to 18 months, about 40 sculptures, and personalities   Different types of wood, bronze and marble
Ortisei Secondary school ITE Ski jumper 220cm Lime, Metal, Glass
Ortisei- Val Gardena Church square Boy with watering can 120cm Bronze
Florida USA Private „In winter“ two japanese monkeys 170cm Lime
Ortisei- Val Gardena Private Lumberer – sculptor 500cm Polyurethan
Ortisei Private „The Mountain Calls“ Luis Trenker as an actor 263cm Sweet chestnut natural
St Cristina in Val Gardena Hotel Dosses Worker with wheelbarrow 240cm Wood Original
Ortisei Val Gardena centre Worker with wheelbarrow 240cm Bronze
Ortisei Val Gardena, Hotel Adler Climber on the top of the mountain, Ortisei Val Gardena Hotel Adler – Dolomiti Spa & Sport Resort 320cm Sweet chestnut natural
Ortisei Val Gardena, village entrance, Infopoint Sculptor with hatchet 480cm Sweet chestnut natural
Jungholz (Germany) Village life, Relief 250x180cm Sweet chestnut natural
Jungholz (Germany) Young hiker 240 cm Elm natural
Private Portrait Franz List 35 cm Swiss pine
Private Lady Diana 180cm Lime
Girlan South Tyrol Deer head for house facade life-size Swiss pine
Kaltern Torgelkeller Franz Atz life-size Chestnut
Lazise Lago di Garda Who's there? Relief 150x100cm American Cherry
Sella Pass and Cortina d’Ampezzo Tofana Snow figure for Land Rover 550cm x 550 Snow
Ortisei Val Gardena Dolomites, Pedestrian zone Ice sculptures VW Beetle, Mercedes Silver Arrow, Fiat 500, Audi Q7 and Audi R8 500cm Block of ice
Ortisei Val Gardena Dolomites Ice sculptures - Bags - Burberry - Fendi - Braccialini 250 cm Block of ice
Ortisei Val Gardena Dolomites Ice sculptures for Giro D’Italia and Maserati 400 x 650cm Block of ice

Born in a family of wood sculptors, Filip is now taking new paths. This allows him to give free rein to his creativity…


Filip is particularly dedicated to design of portraits (children, personalities), animals, reliefs and the representation of nudes.
Through such works of art…


The unique scent of fresh stone pine accompanies Filip since his childhood. In the father's workshop, this bright room with the large windows, he made his first attempts…

Made with own hand. With expert knowledge created.

From sketch to
finished sculpture.