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Filip Piccolruaz

The artist from Val Gardena has been working as a sculptor for 25 years now, he is experimenting with numerous styles and materials.

From the design to the finished artwork – every sculpture is unique

Piccolruaz stands for personalized realization of your dream sculpture, created exclusively by hand and provided with the trademark of the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano.

  1. Customer contact
    The first thing to do is to get in touch with the clientele to get to know each other better. The visit of the place where the work is born is very important. You can also choose the style of the sculpture on the basis of pictures.
  2. Drawing
    During researches ideas are collected , put on paper by sketches and further revised on computer if necessary.
  3. Modell, Design
    DThe best idea or drawing is then plastically represented with modeling clay so that the sculpture becomes visible for the clientele. It is also possible to make changes to the model.
  4. Simulation
    This design is also shown in a computer simulation.
  5. Material selection
    Already during the conversation the desired material, like wood, bronze, stone or other is chosen.
    In the case of wood, it is important to pay attention to the drying and whether it has any cracks. Depending on the style and nature of the sculpture you can chose between pine, linden, chestnut or other types of wood.
    In case of stone or marble, the durability (frost for working outdoors), the color and structure is chosen, sometimes directly in the marble or quarry.
    The sculptures can also be cast in bronze.
  6. Preparation of the work
    For a wooden sculpture, the large wooden panels are selected and cut, broken wood is removed and then glued together with the right dimensions.
  7. Work on sculpture
    First the coarse material is cut off and then the precision work is carried out.
  8. Painting and Varnish
    The sculpture can be left in nature, treated with different techniques, glazed, varnished or aged.
  9. Transport und assembly
    The sculpture can be sent by a trucking company, but it is also possible to be delivered and assembled by the artist.

Born in a family of wood sculptors, Filip is now taking new paths. This allows him to give free rein to his creativity…


Filip is particularly dedicated to design of portraits (children, personalities), animals, reliefs and the representation of nudes.
Through such works of art…


The unique scent of fresh stone pine accompanies Filip since his childhood. In the father's workshop, this bright room with the large windows, he made his first attempts…

Made with own hand. With expert knowledge created.

From sketch to
finished sculpture.